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Financial Organization Number: 3KZ

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Weekdays 10 AM to 6 PM EST

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We work with integrity and earned trust from you, the investor - not for Wall Street. 

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NetXInvestor Capabilities

  • View Pershing and Cetera account balances and statements
  • Mobile-deposit first or secondary checks into Pershing/Cetera accounts with a daily limit of up to $500,000     
  • Shared usernames are permitted on this platform
  • Access Pershing and Cetera tax documents

NetXInvestor Limitations

  • Checks issued by a third-party cannot be mobile-deposited at this time
  • Cannot view outside account balances or statements

AdviceWorks Capabilities

  • View Pershing and Cetera account balances and statements
  • View direct business account balances and holdings (excludes statements and tax docs)
  • Link bank, credit card, and other accounts 
  • Securely share items with your advisor
  • Access Pershing and Cetera tax documents

AdviceWorks Limitations

  • Does not currently offer a mobile deposit option
  • All users must have his or her unique email address and mobile number in order to utilize this platform

eMoney Capabilities

  • View account balances and performance in impressive, comprehensive detail 
  • Prioritize and track cash inflows, outflows
  • Securely upload important documents and files, with unlimited digital storage   
  • Connect accounts and maintain control on your advisor's capacity to access it

eMoney Limitations

  • This platform functions as a one-way data feed, limiting self-help type of updates:
    • Cannot access account statements or tax documents 
    • Client cannot update personal account information

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