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Have You Re-Calibrated Your Risk Tolerance Lately?

When markets start to reflect significant fluctuations, investors understandably become more attentive to their portfolios. During these times, you may begin to ask if you are invested appropriately to weather the market changes.

Questions are based around five U.S. benchmark events:

  1. 2013 Bull Market
  2. 2008 Bear Market
  3. Financial Crisis
  4. Interest Rate Spike
  5. 2020 Pandemic

Risk Numbers & The 1-99 Scale

Our Risk Questionnaire is a data-based tool that may facilitate a deeper understanding of what your investments are and how much risk you are willing to be exposed to. The results from your questionnaire will assign you a Risk Number between 1 and 99; the scale equates 1 with the lowest risk tolerance (typically conservative strategy)  and 99 with the highest (aggressive growth strategy).

Investor Profile Samples

Investor characteristics vary with each individual and financial situation. This should be used for illustrative purposes only as a tool to help you understand the general Risk Number scale.

Risk Number: 44

Risk Tolerance: Moderate

Age: 40s to early 60s

Objective: Total Return or Growth

Risk Number: 81

Risk Tolerance: Significant

Age: 20s to Mid-30s

Objective: Aggressive Growth

Risk Number: 63

Risk Tolerance: Moderate Aggressive to Aggressive

Age: Mid-30s to Early 50s

Objective: Growth

Risk Number: 27

Risk Tolerance: Conservative

Age: 60s+

Objective: Capital Preservation or Income

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